2011/06/21 21:41:37

Taipei, June 21 (CNA) Most theater producers would be heartbroken if there was only one person in the audience.

But an audience of one is what Craig Quintero, artistic director of the Taipei-based Riverbed Theatre Company, wants for The-Just for You- Festival. And to make the whole viewing experience more unique, each performance will be staged in a chic hotel room.

Quintero told reporters Tuesday that he wanted to break the barrier between the audience and the actor. In a normal production in which audience members sit in the dark and watch the show unfold on stage, they are more passive and the interaction with the actors is not direct.

"But in an intimate space like that of a hotel room, audience members will find themselves actively involved in the performance and eventually their presence will become part of the whole performance," he said.

Quintero assured the performances would not be scary or shocking.

The director has invited three other like-minded collaborators to help him carry out his experiment. During the four-day festival, which runs from Aug. 18-21, each director will contribute seven shows on a daily basis, meaning only 112 people will be treated to the special event.

Each director has a different approach toward fostering the sense of intimacy with their audience members.

Isaac Lai said he has cooked up something special for his audience. He will prepare a video on June 25 for the exclusive viewers to grow into the plots of the show.

What if the only audience member does not feel attracted to the performance? Lai said he does not mind if the spectator takes a nap or uses the Internet if he or she is not too into it.

Joyce Ho, another director, said she will send e-mails to her audience one week before the performance to invite them to think about the ideas of "chance" and "coincidence." She, however, will not allow sleeping on the hotel bed or strolls in the room when the show is live.

Tickets to the performances will go on sale June 25- 26 in Taipei. (By Hermia Lin) enditem/

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